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Happiness in the little things

Nannas-glassNannas-glass-3Nannas-glass-4I’m easily pleased and it’s the little things that make me happiest.  Today has been a happy day.  We haven’t gone anywhere or done anything but it’s happy all the same.  It’s a long weekend in Australia which by default is happiness, and even though I’m self-employed and it doesn’t really count there is an air of bonhomie that is undeniably joyful.  It’s summer.  It’s sunny.  It’s not too hot.  We had a BBQ for dinner.  I’m enjoying a glass of post-dinner wine and listening to the cricket as I put this together.  Yes, my day of happiness has been in the little things.

Like frothing the exact amount of milk for my flat white without having any left over to pour down the sink.

Like flipping the omelette in the pan and it stays in one piece.  Huzzah!

Like washing my hair and having a good hair day.

Like remembering all the words to a once favourite song I haven’t heard in years and years and dancing to it in the kitchen and feeling at least 15 years younger.

Like running out of twine just as I’ve reached the final row of my crochet.

Like problem solving my dip dyed yarn dilemma and getting excited about the possibilities.

Like having someone else cook dinner (well it was a BBQ and by law girls aren’t allowed anywhere near one) while I catch up on the weekend newspapers.

Like catching up on the weekend newspapers.

Like having enough leftovers for an easy meal planning day tomorrow.

Like using Nanna’s vintage glassware for my evening glass of wine.

I think that last one is my favourite from the day.  Do you keep your ‘good’ stuff for special occasions?  Or do you use them whenever the mood takes you?  I love using them whenever.  Just because!  And it’s the best feeling!  I’ve been enjoying this sweet vintage glass set for a glass of wine in the evenings.  I love the whole south-of-France idea of old blokes in berets sitting on wooden stools under gnarly old fruit trees drinking their red wine from jam jars.  And these gorgeously 50s glasses are just too deliciously vintage for words!  I love their frosted grape vines and coloured bands.  I love their gold rim.  I love how perfect they are to hold.  I love imagining I am part of the 50s bohemian cinema scene, on a Fellini set maybe, hanging out with Audrey Hepburn or closer to home with Mirka Mora.  All from a glass.  Happiness!




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