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Happy Is …

Happy is this gorgeous little Thumbelina girl, sheltering under a flower umbrella with the sweetest little grin on her face! She’s been part of a recent Mother’s Day fundraiser and I’m a little sad to see her go. I fell in love with this drawing the minute I saw her. Imagine if you were the lucky mummy who gets to wear this! I’m so jealous.
There were so many lovely ‘Me and Mummy’ pictures you can imagine all the ooh’s and aah’s and awww’s coming out of the studio the past few days.

Meanwhile, happy is also getting lovely notes and messages from the beautiful people I’ve met since I started Making Things. I’m such a fan of Susannah‘s work and was very chuffed today to find she’d passed on a blog award! I’m apparently one of her favourite Melbourne crafty chicks. Thank you lovely girl, ditto! I’m insanely shy at times and don’t normally pass these things on. I was always the party-pooper when it came to chain letters and things. I can’t wait to see the beautiful new things Susannah will have at the next Sisters Market – I’ve got my eye on a new tote. They are just gorgeous. Ooooo, which photo will I choose???
This heavenly picture is from Susannah’s beautiful Etsy shop and it’s called Under A Country Sky, it’s an 8×8 fine art photograph and I’m totally in love with it. You know I’m a country girl and this picture just sings to me.
Those who are sent the award are asked to pass onto 15 others and share 7 things about themselves.
7 things about me:
1. I love a radio quiz and my favourite comes on at midnight on 774 ABC, The Nightlife Challenge.
2. I tend to burn the midnight oil, even if I don’t have a deadline (ref #1).
3. I’ve got this ridiculous knack of remembering obscure trivia but have been known to cancel a credit card because I couldn’t remember the PIN (ref #1).
4. My cat has me wrapped around her little pinky. She’s my HRH and I’m her Lady In Waiting. Did you know I’m a bit of a Royalist and Crown Princess Mary is a little obsession of mine? I am, she is!
5. I’m not happy at all with my latest hair cut. (A trim please, I say. Ok, he says. Still can’t see where that can be interpreted as asking for an entire new look, one inspired by Carol Brady). I’ll hang around with a salon even after a few dodgy haircuts with blind faith they know what they’re doing and suddenly I’ll have had enough and look elsewhere. So the question is, do I go back to a previous hairdresser after defecting to a new one? The conundrum of the modern girl!
6. I watch Bold And The Beautiful. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!
7. I use a cloth napkin with every meal. I do! And they’re never ironed.
This week’s gratuitous picture from The Crown Prince Couple – aren’t they lovely. I’m sure they’re dying to come over for a BBQ at our place, they will fit in a treat, I have napkins you know!

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