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Have you met Temple & Webster

Such a big weekend at Chez Crayon! Today is the start of Temple & Webster’s Hand-Made Market event.

Who are Temple & Webster?  It’s a members-only online shopping club dedicated to beautiful items for the home – well, hu-llow Crayon Chick!  All you need to do it register and you get the most amazing sales posted right to your inbox.  I’ve been a member since the end of last year when I was first approached by Temple & Webster to run an event with them.  It was quite overwhelming!  I was so honoured to be recognised and included.

I have spent every spare minute of the past 6 months creating stock for this.  When I did the numbers over the Christmas break I was flabbergasted to realise it was about 500 hours worth of work to create!  I tell you, think long and hard before making your hobby your business.  I’ve never worked harder in my life!

But now it’s here and I thought I’d be able to start relaxing but I realise I’m actually holding my breath, which is going to make this a very long week if I keep that up.  The sale runs until 24 June.

And in the spirit of ‘it never rains but pours’ … my crochet jute pot is in today’s Herald Sun Home lift out!

Guess I won’t be putting the hook down just yet!

June 15, 2013 - 6:28 am

Pippa - Congrats to you, nimble fingers!
….but what else would you do? 🙂

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