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Having a skirt moment


Image from Etsy, skirt available from Marion Smale
Gasp! Look what I found on Etsy this evening – a whole stack of vintage loving by Marion Smale, a fabulous creator from Napier, New Zealand. Maybe it’s because tomorrow is forecast to be a very warm day, and possibly the first time I’ll be wearing a skirt since last summer, that I’m having a skirt moment. This skirt sensation is the epitome of everything I love, it’s handmade and original, unique and quirky, modernist, golden era, and has my favourite vintage colours (note to self: must create that homage to green one of these days!) It looks like it’s from a Sophia Loren 1950s italian film, or Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday style. And it’s napery! Which goes hand in hand with my all time obsession with elevenses and high tea and picnics and hay rides. Sigh, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

Movie poster for Scandal In Sorrento, starring Sophia Loren in a fabulous skirt, 1955
Audrey Hepburn’s skirt in Roman Holiday, 1953
Photo from Wikipedia
Ah, Senior Picasso, do you think you can paint a picture of my skirt.
Photo from Whirling Turban
What magic! I want want want!
Photo from Whirling Turban
Photo from Whirling Turban
Of course she has to pop up sooner or later, my little secret – Barbie!
Gratuitous Audrey Hepburn photo because she has always been the ultimate obsession of all my obsessions! Look at that scarf, isn’t she lovely. And I bet she’s wearing a fabulous skirt, too.

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