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Hello Facebook!

In the beginning … there was a computer and a girl. Image from Vintage Office

I’ve done it, with more than a little help from a bevy of fellow stallholders while I was in Adelaide, Crayon Chick has joined the modern era and now has a Facebook page.

Image from here – beware a spoiler alert, I didn’t want to read the article, I just want to do the right thing and acknowledge the source of the image!
You just know Joanie from Mad Men would have been the first girl in the office to have an iPhone and Facebook page! It’s also a fabulous excuse to check out more Mad Men images on line.
Now all I need from Santa (well, it is almost that time of year!) is a bit of technology to stay up-to-date when I’m travelling. Like, an iPhone for instance!
And if I can’t have that, then I’d settle for a Don Draper doll.
Gratuitous Don Draper smiling photo found here.

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