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Hello winter

Winter crafting
Winter at Chez Crayon via Intagram

Winter. What a fabulous time to batten down the hatches and hibernate under a snuggly pile of crafting. If only I could stop playing with my new iPhone. What a marvellous gadget. For starters there’s my wonderful Instagram, it just makes me want to make pictures everyday.

Then I discover (this morning, goodbye all the plans I had for Sunday) a fabulous app to check my Google Reader – Mobile RSS. I can now so easily and wonderfully keep an eye on my most favourite blogs at any time (hello Reader as I stir my latest batch of lemon curd on the stovetop). And just on that note, you bloggers are just fabulous!
And if that isn’t enough I’ve bravely stepped into the world of Pinterest. I have no idea what I’m doing. As I put this post together I see 2 people are following my pinboards – how did they know I was there? Where is my pinboard? What do I do with it? When I figure these out I just know this will become a new and fabulous obsession with me.
(Note: I found my profile and see I’m already following people I have no idea how it happened – some magic networking feature that finds people I might know already … everything is feeding everything else, there’s no skulking in the back door and quietly checking out a new thing with these networks then!)
Now if only I could understand how to put a link on a Facebook update and my blog using iPhone. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I will be a fully evolved walking and talking new-generation networker then!
For now I’m still on L-plates. Coyly asking a neighbouring stall holder yesterday how to switch the phone off. Phew, my next yoga class will be a lot less angst-ridden as I don’t have to worry about my phone ringing or beeping halfway through downward facing dog. Sort of defeats the point of yoga having a worry in the back of your mind like that!
Pinterest has done my head in and it’s only been an hour! It’s too much too soon for this poor old chick. So I’m taking my good old fashioned visual diary with me to the couch for some crochet. I may not be as modern as I thought!


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