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How to get things done

We’re a fickle lot, us creatives.  Our space has to be ‘just so’.  Or is this just me?  How do you go about being creative?

Sometime it’s all I can do to summon the self-control and will-power to do what has to be done.  Just one of the pit falls of being self-employed and working alone I guess.  No-one around to push me to do the yucky bits.  Or the difficult bits.  Or the unfamiliar bits.  Or the not-quite-perfect bits.  All the bits that are easy to put to one side while I do the lovely shiny colourful bits.

Creating a space which is ‘just so’ is imperative to getting things done.  It keeps me motivated to make into the wee small hours, to play and create something new, to invent, to feel right.

The music has to be right.  The wrong radio station and nothing gets done.  The dishwasher has to be unpacked otherwise I’m distracted by the call of the dishes wanting to be moved to the cupboard.  I like to choose a particular cup for my tea that day (gross, I know, I use the same cup all day!)  It’s part of my morning ritual “which tea cup will I use today?”

And a bit of tat.

Like my new flamingo.  With bobbing head.  Of course I need him on my desk!

This is how I get things done.

How about you?


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