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I *heart* Le Tour

Vintage Tour De France Toy Cyclists
Love this picture from Flickr by Ru55t

Ah, it’s winter, it’s dark, it’s cold and it’s late and we’re still up.  Can only mean one thing – Le Tour de France!
Followers of this blog might recall this time each year I declare my love for Le Tour.  For a squillion reasons, primarily because I’m a francophile at heart and enjoy the virtual holiday by helicopter.  The scenery is sublime! 
I love Le Taste of Le Tour, even when it was filmed in Melbourne’s Southbank and you could spy a tram rattling past – although I’m alone on the couch on this.  There’s a lot of moaning and groaning in the background as my appreciation of M. Gate is not shared. 
I’m also a bit mad for a peloton and get a bit excited when the peloton gets ready to engulf a brave breakaway group.  Can you imagine glancing over your shoulder and seeing that great surging mass looming in your wake?!  I love the arjy-barjy of the lead out trains vying for position, I love how excited we get at 2am as we jump to the edge of the couch to cheer a sprint across the line.  It’s mad!  I love it!
And now …. I love that there is a blog dedicated to cow spotting.  That’s right.  A blog celebrating the unsung heroes of the Tour, the cows!  Le Vaches du Tour.  Look it up immediately!  Hilarious!
Ah, Le Tour, it’s so much more than just a bike race!

 Images from Le Vaches du Tour

July 13, 2012 - 8:49 am

Injera - So glad you are another Tour fan… and thanks for mentioning us in this post!

Cheers, and Allez Cadel!

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