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Iced Vovo’s for afternoon tea

1. Day 113-365 “Vintage Handkerchiefs”, 2. Lola’s Room, Etsy, 3. the princess and the pea vintage hankie style, 4. Grandma’s Hankies, 5. Mushroom Whimsy, Etsy, 6. Unknown, it’s an image I’ve had in my visual file for years and can’t remember where I found it.

When was the last time you bought a hankie? I don’t think I ever have, I think a handful of aunties and my mum were responsible for my ancient collection of hankies until this week when I bought a brand new hankie just for me! No more balls of new and used tissues all through my handbag and left in pockets to lint up my wash.

And as I put this together I’m enjoying my afternoon cup of tea with an iced vovo and it just seems so perfectly right! I hope your afternoon feels so perfectly right, too.
My new hankie!
I highly recommend an iced vovo for afternoon tea!


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