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In denial

The only way to survive a back to work in this horrible horrible weather is a good old fashioned dose of denial.

Instead of talking about the heat, let’s pretend this is the cool and glamorous image of me being back to work.  Poised, calm, neat and tidy.  I don’t see any sack like dresses, unbelted, and inappropriately lifted to my waist as I walk down the hall.  I don’t see any makeup sliding from my eyelashes onto my cheeks.  I don’t see lank and stringy hair sticking to the back of my neck.  I don’t see a cat flopping on the floor looking bewildered and confused as to why she can’t go outside but being too hot to meow much about it.

Yes, we’re having one corker of a summer at the moment.  I just can’t do anything more than look at pretty pictures.  So if that’s the only way to stay motivated then pretty pictures it is.

Denial will do the trick perfectly as I imagine having that MOST EXCELLENT basket to carry my oranges if it ever cools down enough to actually go outside:

And I will stay cool and glamorous as I catch up on the news:I will pretend my garden hasn’t been burnt to a crisp and I will enjoy taking my work outside to sit and admire it’s loveliness:

My skin is not really red and blotchy and my makeup has stayed in one place:

And I will feel gorgeous in my big floppy sun hat as I reluctantly walk to the Post Office later today:

Heat coping strategy successfully deployed!

Click on the images to link back to the source.  They all came from Pinterest.  Which is work, right?  You can follow my pins if you like – just click here to see my procrastination inspirations!



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