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Inspired by … beautiful drawings


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I came across some of Federico Infante’s beautiful almost-not-there figure drawings online recently and immediately fell in love with them.  Whenever I can see the mark made by the artist I can imagine making that mark myself and want to immediately drop everything and grab a pencil and sketchbook.  I guess that falls well and truly under the category “Inspiration”.  What makes you want to drop everything and make/create/fulfill?  This is what does it for me.

All the images on this post are from his website …

I’m mad for the layering and the raw finishes and the drippy painterly bits and the incredibly detailed pencilled bits.  I love the muted palette and the floatiness of the figures.  I’m using my artistic license with those very technical words there.  You’d never guess I went to art school with writing skills like that, would you ?!

Federico was born in Chile and currently lives in New York.  Clearly it’s not likely I’ll ever see any of his works in person so thank goodness for the internet!  I’m going to grab a cuppa and spend the next while exploring more of this wonderful work.  I noticed on a Google search his work is on Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter … I’d better make that a big cup of tea, this could take a while!

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“In every image, the viewer can see the painting’s first layer, the beginning of the artwork.”

(Extract from Federico’s bio online)

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