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Inspired by … blue


This beautiful image is by Old Time Stories on Etsy

Blue is a very relaxing colour.

Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation. Blue gives us wisdom and clarity. ¬†According to my yoga teacher. And she’s very relaxed and wise so it must be true.

I could do with a bit more blue around here. I’m on the downhill run to Christmas (that’s one for you, Dad!) and those deadlines and last minute orders are going to test my calmness, that’s for sure!

So tonight I’ve gathered some favourite blue images from Flickr to share and inspire and keep me calm as I do tomorrow’s To Do list!


1. blue shed, 2. Blue, 3. blue, 4. vintage spools of thread, 5. Rusty blue door handle, 6. Rapsody in Blue, 7. The Blues, 8. blue on concrete, 9. new/old, 10. Our Daily Challenge – on the table


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