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Introducing the slow cooker!



Hello crock pot! It was only a matter of time before my retro/crafty/70s-TV-show-loving self met you. We bought a snazzy new slow cooker (the posh new millennium version of a crock pot).

As Xavier left for work this morning, his parting words were “You don’t need to use the slow cooker today”.

Sadly this is true, we’re up to pussy’s bow in left overs as it is. We bought the slow cooker on Saturday and I’ve made 3 dishes so far. I’m getting at least 6 portions from each dish (such a great food ‘extender’).

The hardest part of slow cooker cooking is resisting the urge to take the lid off and give it a good old stir. It’s so frustrating for a chronic stirrer which is quite possibly my favourite part of the whole cooking palaver, not least because it can be done with a glass of wine in one hand. Apparently, each time you open the lid during the cooking it adds another 20 mins to the total cooking time. Resist I will.

This is where I’m at these days, I’m wanting to eat as nutritionally dense as possible, eschewing processed foods, avoiding waste, and quitting sugar. Hello, kale and quinoa for lunch. Kale! Quinoa! Who am I?

I did a lot of online trawling to figure it all out. And then I asked my Mum.

So here’s what I figured I needed:

  • I wanted a 4.5 litre. I’m getting at least 6 portions without even trying. These things cook from the sides and filling the bowl 2/3 is best. It’s just the 2 of us so having a bigger bowl would mean buying more each time just to fill it and then it would all get too much and the slow cooker would stay in the cupboard not used, next to the bread maker.
  • I wanted an oval bowl, I understand this will fit legs and chooks and things. I will try this on the weekend.
  • I wasn’t fussed about timers. I work from home so turning it on in the middle of the morning is no problemo. I used the low setting yesterday and left it on for 10 hours and all was well. I kinda don’t like the idea of it turning off and sitting there festering with salmonella until I got home!
  • I chose a ceramic bowl over steel. It didn’t bother me about being able to use it on the stove top to brown things first. And I like the ‘authenticity’ of the ceramic and I have a hunch it’s more gentle and effective. I noticed people online saying some cook hotter than a lot of recipes indicate and they need to moderate times and wet ingredients etc. I wonder if they have steel bowls?

And … it has opened the door on a whole new section of previously unexplored Pinterest searches! Food! You can follow my new food board here.



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