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It’s a sign!

For a million years now I’ve been playing around with signage options for my market stall. I’ve had patchwork banners, laminated posters, picture frames and all sorts of creative montages. I’ve turned into a right Ms Goldilocks – this sign is too big, this sign is too small, this sign it too flimsy, this sign is too heavy. None of them felt just right and sadly found myself sign-less from time to time. What a market faux-pas!
I quickly whipped up some little signs on Saturday night to nestle amongst my market goodies and at this point I’m quite pleased with the result. They meet all my requirements: small enough to fit on the table (and in the storage tubs – very important!), portable enough to lug around with rest of the flotsam and jetsam, won’t blow off the table in the wind, I don’t need a back wall to hang them from, and proudly announces to my lovely visitors who I am. Market clicks all round!
Meanwhile, how cute is this, Finn drew a picture of himself with his football for his mum! I bet he’s a happy little boy with the end of summer heralding a brand new football season.
March 1, 2010 - 11:45 am

one little acorn - Hi Michelle.
Hope the market went well on Sunday. I was there browsing with a friend and saw you, but you were deep in conversation and I couldn’t catch your eye. The sign and table of goodies looked great. Will stop by for a chat next time.
Cheers, jacinta

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