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Last week: a road trip, a shed and a brother

Last week I went on a road trip. A 500km drive to my hometown. The skies were blue, I had an excellent talking book and the silos along the rail line looked beautiful. I do love driving through the country. Stopping at truck stops to stretch my legs and grab a coffee. I sing (loudly) to all my favourite (ie daggy) songs. I love a country town with a ute parked on the main street lined with a café, a pub and a bakery all shaded by a pressed metal awning over the footpath.

It was an unexpected trip. My brother misjudged a jump in Mum and Dad’s backyard. It was a jump he … we … have all made a squillion times since we were kids.

It just took a moment. A split second with one too many thoughts on his mind. We all do it, I must have done at least a dozen things on auto-pilot today as my body did one thing while my head was doing something else altogether. He jumped from the top drive and before he even landed he was already thinking a few steps ahead. BAM! It was all in the timing. He somehow misjudged the land and broke his heel and leg.

So I drove home for some moral support. I packed some work clothes and offered my services to Dad. He and my brother are builders, they’ve worked together for over 30 years and losing his buddy not only shakes things up a bit but also means he’s a man down. A young fit and strong man down. I could help! I can use tools, fetch things out of the car, lift things, climb on things, crawl under things. I’m sure I would have been marvellous. Alas, Dad (being such a Dad) said he’d be ok and my work clothes remained folded in my case.

But it didn’t stop us from sharing some shed time. I had a quick lesson in rivets and riveting, as you do. There is nothing in this world like the magic and treasure in Dad’s shed. How gorgeous are these old keys I brought back with me? He could fix anything in that shed. But the biggest treasure in my Dad’s shed is my Dad. x

Two and a half weeks later and my brother is now out of hospital, screws and plates have replaced the frame and he can now begin the road to recovery. Good luck Sean!



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