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Little Bird Love

This is what happens when you make things for a photographer, they get very excited and take the most amazing photos of their goodies. I love it! Pru from Little Bird Photography is such a wonderful talent and a gorgeous girl to boot. She took the photos I have on my website and is one of my Magnolia Square buddies which means I’ll be seeing her soon. And I just love the song that plays on her website!

I’m in the middle of the lead up to another Magnolia Square event which translates to “I’m in a total flap!” This time the event is at St Kilda Town Hall. I haven’t had a market there before and I’m very excited about a new venue.
Every surface of my home has become a workstation for various activities. I’ll share a little secret with you … as a deadline draws nearer the feeling of being in control becomes very important. I’m a terrible one for letting my mind wander to the next thing while still working on the task at hand and that’s awful because I start to stress about the things I haven’t done yet. The only way I can contain any sense of panic is to operate like a Speed Date. True! I allow myself an hour per task which means I’m super productive in that time and at the end of the day I feel I’ve worked on all areas and not let anything slip. It’s not for the faint-hearted, all that last minute panic by design, but for us chronic procrastinators I highly recommend it!

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