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Magazine love

How gorgeous is MAEVE! Their by-line is ‘raising an inspired generation’. That’s perfection!

I’m already stockpiling a stack of reading material for those long and hedonistic days of a summer break. Can you imagine how glorious is would be to lounge around and actually read an entire article? To flip through the sumptuous pages of my favourite design magazines with no nagging background noise in my head about having to do something else.

I normally snatch snippets at a time while waiting for the kettle to boil, or for the pasta to cook. Sometimes I kid myself into feeling productive by flicking through a few pages waiting for the glue to dry, and sometimes I make up an excuse like a sudden need for inspiration in colour choices. Yeah, right!
I love magazines. I love reading. I love a summer break. Hang in there Crayon, that time is nearly here!


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