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Making lists

Crayon Chick crochet necklace, image from lmnop productions. Photo frame constructed by Crayon Chick.

Let’s see, List Of Things To Do Today:

  • I have heaps of Kids With Crayons orders I told myself I would have done this week. Given it’s Friday I’d better get a move on with that.
  • The gorgeous LMNOP are waiting for stock and I’ve just got a few more brooch backs to sew and then it’s a dash to the PO.
  • And while I’m on that dash I’ll also send some crochet garlands that have been made to order.
  • Book a visit to the dentist (that ice cream I ate yesterday wasn’t a totally enjoyable experience!)
Now, I’m sure there was something else, if only I could remember ….. oh yeah! Make stuff! Make heaps of stuff! I have another market tomorrow at the wonderful Maribyrnong Makers Market where I’ll catch up with some of my favourite market peeps, and then hopefully make enough stuff to load into another freight truck on Monday for next week’s Magnolia Square in Adelaide.
Time to get cracking!


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