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Market Day

I should have taken notes of the amazing women wheeling and dealing at the crab market in Kep, Cambodia.  These girls were on the ball, they knew what they were doing, they were laughing, there was so much joyful energy on the dock.  It looked like it was so much fun and it was just fabulous to watch.  I’ve never been anywhere where people are so quick to smile than they are in Cambodia.

And the crab …… ooo la la, it was the best crab of my life.  I ate until my fingers were bleeding from cracking the shells, and even then I couldn’t stop!

These girls remind me to find the joy in whatever I’m doing.

So you will find me remembering these girls and their laughter as I set up for my market day this Sunday at Piccadilly Market, Geelong.  It will be my first one for the year and I feel a little rusty and unprepared … I’ll definitely need a laugh or two to get me on track.


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