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Market Love


Thank you Adelaide – what a fabulous weekend I had at the Bowerbird Bazaar!

Fabulous because nothing got lost or broken.  Fabulous because there was blue sky for 3 whole days in a row (take note Melbourne, 3 days in a row!) and fabulous because I got to hang out with my market buddies – my carnie folk – and I got to meet so many people from here and from Instagram and heaps of new friends.  I’m amazed at my own output when I stand back and see all that I’ve created.  And I get to share that and that’s the most precious part of what I do.

And there’s always something magical about being part of the set up.  We dragged ourselves and our luggage from our early morning flight to the venue which resembled something of a construction zone.  
There were trucks and pallets and high-visibility vests and the sounds of drills and hammers and banging and thumping and boxes stacked everywhere.  There were little reunions as market friends saw each other again and we try to catch up in quickly grabbed snatches in-between lugging boxes and navigating trolleys.
Every market is a blank canvas.  Building something from nothing.  I love that bit.  And you start unpacking your goodies and arranging everything and obsessively fiddling and fussing and before you know it it’s nearly time for the doors to open.  That’s when you stand back and notice how the whole place has transformed from a building site to a beautiful space almost full to the brim with designer panache.  I love that bit, too!  
market love
November 12, 2012 - 8:06 am

Zara - Your market stall setup looks amazing. Glad you had a successful day.

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