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Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.32.03 pmI’m in a weird post/pre market Groundhog Day hump.  Last weekend I was in Brisbane for Finders Keepers and next weekend I’ll be in Melbourne for Finders Keepers.  I’ve spent all week getting over the wonderfulness of Brisbane, catching up on admin, getting my head into gear to do it all again so soon.  I’ll be spending all next week preparing for the wonderfulness of Melbourne, avoiding admin and getting my head into gear and not thinking I won’t have enough stock ready to take with me.  I predict Panic Stations!  It’s how I operate.  I should be used to it my now, I’m a very close acquaintance of the Last Minute Frenzy.

IMG_1392I’m enjoying my markets so much lately.  I’m really happy with my current product line and overwhelmed at the responses I’m getting.  Thank you to everyone who comes along and shares their enjoyment and enthusiasm with me.  Bringing all my work together for show and tell is such an amazing feeling.  I can’t quite believe I can make that much stuff!  I doesn’t feel like that at home.  I make one thing at a time and put it away when it’s finished to move onto the next thing.  I know that in the lead up to a market I take over the house.  Things don’t get completely finished and sit around in organised piles of Stuff To Finish.  Taunting me with how much I still need to do to be ready.  Every surface is covered in a temporary work station set up, and I can literally see all the balls juggled and held in suspension above my head.

IMG_1373Last weekend in Brisbane was also special for a little brag moment.  A national tv show did a quick broadcast from the market and my stall set up featured in the background!  I knew this aired because I started to get text messages, Instagram messages and Facebook comments from people recognising my work while I was out to dinner with my fellow market chicks.  That was a very special moment indeed!

To see my 15 seconds of fame, click on this picture to see some extraordinary iPhone video skills as I recorded from my tv!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 5.22.46 pm



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