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MarkIT @ Federation Square

This image just makes my heart beat faster!  I’ll be here on Sunday, at Federation Square for Markit.  It’s such a special event, all the big kids are there and I’ll be hoping to look like I’m one of them – all cool, calm and collected.  Which will have anyone who knows me laughing because I’m only ever 1 coffee away from crazy at the best of times!

Next thing to do is make a coffee (naturally) then address the drama that is Crayon Chick HQ in pre-market flight.  I tell you, it’s all smoke and mirrors how anything gets done.  I’ve got little work stations popping up on every surface in the house and an awful nagging feeling that I’m too busy dancing between set ups and not actually getting anything done.

And in the middle of all that I’m so excited to be part of a Three Thousand giveaway!  A jute bowl and vase will be part of a special Markit hamper.  Yay!

This Sunday at Melbourne’s Federation Square, Markit.  For some proper good stuff!  Yay!


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