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Me? A little miserable.

I make things

It’s been very low key at Chez Crayon lately. In a word: lurgy. Groan, I’m so miserable and under the weather and achey. Which has just capped off a really unproductive month. I was a bit jetlagged after my big drive to Sydney and took a few days to find my feet once I got home. Then, modem breakdown and had to wait a week and half for a replacement modem. Then we splurged on a new computer (yay) and another week lost to data migration (not yay) and now I’m feeling the most rottenest I’ve felt in ages.

What’s a girl to do.
Can’t wait to feel well again, I’ve been working on our teeny weeny 7 year old laptop all this time and now we have the big cahoona desktop with a screen the size of a drive in. Hope it means I can do twice as much work because you could say I’ve got just a bit of a backlog to get through.
Stay snuggled!
June 30, 2010 - 2:40 am

frankie and ray - Poor you! Wishing you a speedy recovery back to your normal self….

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