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Mini Designer Chairs

A long time ago my man and I discovered SFMOA – the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art. It was so long ago it was pre digital camera days. Which has got me thinking, I really should scan all my lovely printed photos one of these days. Must add that to my long term To Do List. I could just drag out some boxes now, just to find the San Fransisco holiday snaps. Wouldn’t hurt to look. It’s been so long. What am I saying?!! Focus, Chick, focus!

Now, where was I …. oh yes! SFMOMA! One of my favourite places to see when visiting iconic art galleries is the bookshop. Our very own NGV in Melbourne would be one of my all time favourite places to shop. It was in the SFMOMA bookshop I discovered for the first time a beautiful miniature version of the iconic Eames Lounge. A miniature! How fabulous, it harps back to my Barbie love and anything Barbie-sized, mid-century design and Mad Men. And I just love Mad Men.
And this morning as I was casually catching up on Facebook over my Weet Bix there they were – mini designer chairs at Foundabout! Happiness.
It’s a lovely way to start the week.

Mini chair images all from Foundabout
One of my favourite Mad Men cast photos, I just love the colours in this – that olive, sea green and teal *sigh* – and it has Don Draper sitting in what looks like Aluminium Chair by Charles and Ray Eames, 1958. Image from Daily Mail Online
Mini Aluminium Chair, sans M. Draper, from Foundabout
Don Draper’s office. Image from Mid Century Modernist
September 20, 2011 - 12:52 am

Frankie and Ray - Looking over your old photos would be an excellent way to lose a whole day, wouldn’t it? I have a friend who collects those miniature chairs, they have pride of place on a special shelf, and look amazing! They immediately make me think of the special Dad-built dolls’ house I had in my childhood..I love them!

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