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Modem, anyone?

It’s been a frustrating week at Chez Crayon with constant internet drop-outs driving me nuts! You would think with all that forced time off the computer my Making Things productivity would be pretty high. No. Any time I’ve saved not skipping through lovely blog-world and twitter-land has been spent sitting on the phone to my provider waiting for answers. The condundrums of a modern girl. Modem, anyone?

Meanwhile it’s a day of preps for tomorrow’s Modish Creators Market. If you promise not to mention the word ‘modem’ I would love to say Hi if you are coming along to the Malvern Town Hall!
Modish Creators Market
Sat 19 June
9am – 3pm
Malvern Town Hall

June 24, 2010 - 4:47 am

Juicy Roo - I am so impressed with how lovely and flat all your bits of fabric are. What happens when you make something, what do you do with the odd shaped bits? Let me guess: you have a way of refolding them to make them look like perfect rectangles!?!

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