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More Love

Image from Sarah’s Inspiration page at Black White and Rouge

More love! It’s just a love week really. This image reminds of a trip last year to Japan and the gorgeous japanese school girls who made this sign to me and and man, it was so adorable.

At the totally delightful Daylesford Makers Market on the weekend I met so many wonderful people, and people who had met me at markets already and stopped by to say Hi. Crafters are amazing people and I feel so inspired in their company, it makes me want to be better at what I do. Thanks Allison for putting on a great market!

One of the new girls I met was Sarah from Black White And Rouge, a gorgeous shop for handmade, vintage and new treasures right in the heart of Daylesford. I’ve got a bag of goodies to post to her and I can’t wait until my next visit to Daylesford to go shopping! One of my favourite things on her website is a page of Inspiration and after a bit of playing Follow That Link I came across some amazing images on Flickr by a girl called Lemonade and these are some of her Self Portrait photos. I love this way of presenting yourself, by capturing a single element or a part, these were themes I explored quite a lot at art school and have loved ever since. And of course there’s a strong green theme to these lush photos, my favourite colour, how could I resist!


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