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Motivation and Magic

Movie poster from Wikipedia
It’s such a fabulously busy time and I’m using every trick in the book to keep focussed and productive. I found myself transformed into a crafting-machine exactly when I needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat recently and I have my faithful Dunlop Volleys to thank. As long as they don’t turn demonic on me, as in The Red Shoes, then there’s nothing I can’t do! I love this ballet, based on a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale (so you know it’s dark and grizzly) where a young peasant girl falls victim to a pair of magic ballet shoes and ends up dancing herself to death. Nice! What little girl wouldn’t dream of dancing that role!
Call me old-fashioned, but I can be quite superstitious from time to time. I have ‘lucky’ outfits and ‘lucky’ routines. Defines logic, I know, but sometimes a girl needs to dig deep to stay motivated and up-beat!
The same with my work day outfit. I need to wear the right pair of shoes otherwise I don’t feel I can ‘hit the deck running’. Working from home I have created a bit of a ‘uniform’ of jeans, tshirts and Dunlop Volleys. And the world is good when I have my Volleys on. I have bought a new pair of Volleys every year since I was 18. I will wear them to threads and replace each year with my ‘good’ pair, saving the old tattered pair for Jobs Around The House.
I’ve loved this excellent article in The Age by John Harms from 2004 for a while now, it’s titled “Why I love … Dunlop Volleys” and it’s pure perfection. I’m not alone. Or mad!

My ‘good’ volleys of 2004, the last time I found half sizes. A minor Volley crisis has emerged, I can only find straight sizes – HELP! Please call out if you know where I can find a 7 1/2, my productivity depends on it!!
My Volleys on tour in Japan, 2008, the perfect shoe to slip on and off each time we visited temples and ryokans.

December 7, 2009 - 3:56 am

frankie and ray - If you could pass me the motivation and focus, I’d be grateful. Ta. Or perhaps I need to get some volleys?

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