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Movie Heaven

Image from Julie and Julia

Today I found movie perfection! A matinee date on a school day is a joy of joys. We saw Julie and Julia and was too delightful for words. Meryl Streep as Julie Childs, was the most joyous character, I laughed and cried and wanted to have dinner with her. Amy Adams is Julia Powell, a girl who reminds me of so many of my friends, and she blogs – hoorah for blogs becoming mainstream in a movie.
It was a very sweet moment when Julie’s husband gave her a massive edition of the Larouse Gastronomique for Valentine’s Day, of which I have a concise version given to me by my man. We elbowed an acknowledgment to each other in the dark. I love going to the movies!
I’m in a happy place right now and am about to launch into the kitchen for a bit of inspired cooking of my own from some of my favourite cookbooks. All my cooking girls are on the kitchen bench waiting for me as I type, Nigella, Stephanie and Maggie. Now lets see, I think something with beef ……….


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