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Movie love and wagging

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I’ve spoken about ‘coping mechanisms’ a bit lately.  Where would I be without yoga, for instance.  But there are other coping tools in my repertoire.  Like wagging work, for instance!

I’ve wanted to watch this movie for the longest time and wouldn’t/couldn’t allow myself the time off to go.  And rightly, it has been a manic last quarter of the year with constant markets taking me away every weekend.  But all I really wanted to do was see this film.  And I was getting quite grumpy thinking I’d missed it and the last thing I want to do was resent my work because it wouldn’t let me take some time off.  I saw it was on at 10.15 yesterday morning so I created a work plan to make it happen.  Turns out that’s the secret – planning ahead.  Who knew?!!!

A sneaky little movie matinee in the middle of the busiest week of the year?  Why not.


An empty theatre!  Where will I sit?!!

I love movies.  Love.  Them.  And I love watching At The Movies with David and Margaret so I’ve chosen their review of Enough Said here.  It was such a lovely movie.  I sobbed.  Of course I did.  I sob everytime there’s an animal in an ad for Pete’s sake!  But this was a very gentle sad and funny movie, the perfect movie to watch while wagging work.

And here’s the best thing about a spontaneous mid week matinee movie wag.  No-one else is there!  No-one munching on loud plastic-wrapped food behind me.  No extra tall people sitting in front of me.  No mobile phone users.  No coughing, chatting, late-comers.

And how good is it that you can now take a coffee in with you!  I was quite surprised to find I was the only one in theatre when I got there.  No one!  Imagine that!  One other person turned up during the opening ads.  A man in his 70s, obviously loving his movie outing.  And that was nice to hear someone else chuckle in the good bits and to talk with about how lovely it was when we walked out together.  That was nice.

And then it was all over and I drove home and got back to work.

What a lovely way to start the day!



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