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My Space To Create – We Are Scout


I’m thrilled to be included in the beautiful new design and lifestyle blog called We Are Scout.

Lisa Tilse, you will know her from The Red Thread, has now moved onto a marvellous new collaboration with Rebecca Lowrey Boyd of Wee Birdy.  Turns out I’ve known Lisa for many many years and she wanted to interview me (!!!!) as part of her marvellous series called Space To Create.  Given my space can be quite nomadic, even in my own home I’m often drifting from dining table to kitchen bench to the back deck, I wondered what she would make of it.  And my space isn’t just contained to my home, I’m quick to carry my work with me around town and on holiday.  

I didn’t for a minute think I was interesting enough to be included but anyone who describes me as “a ray of sunshine” is going to always get 100% of my attention!  It’s quite fascinating seeing how others see you.

Sunny, apparently!

So this blog post is a little braggy and a touch show-offy.  But I’m so very flattered, to the point of blushing, and wanted to share with you!

My creative space selfie

IMG_0299.JPGhome 2IMG_0472

Materials 2creative space - away 4creative space - away 2

April 8, 2015 - 5:04 pm

Crayon Chick - Hi Carolyn
Thanks for your comment and the lovely words about my necklaces. The necklaces are very light and easy to wear. They weigh about 60g. I don’t have any plans to put them on Etsy as yet, but they are listed on my online shop at this website. Just go to Shop in the tabs above. I hope you find something you’re looking for.
Have a lovely day and I’ll maybe hear from you again!

April 5, 2015 - 7:39 am

Carolyn - I love the knot necklace but am wondering if they are heavy. Also will you be putting any in your Etsy shop? Thank you

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