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Neon creep

At Craft Hatch on the weekend I met so many wonderful designers, my inspiration-meter is off the radar!  I’ve even booked into a workshop to develop a few new tricks to add to my repertoire – watch this space!
In particular, I couldn’t wait to meet this girl, I just knew I was going to love her.  Vicki Fowler was taught traditional methods of weaving by indigenous women in the Northern Territory and incorporates these techniques with unexpected colour and materials from her own surroundings.  The result is a range of the most tactile and gorgeous objects of which I just had to have.  My new pot holder came with a tag “Warning: baskets add colour”.  I’ve been aware of a little neon creeping into my home lately and my new woven pot fits right in.

I even painted my nails this morning in the same neon orange.  I can’t say it will last the whole week but it certainly brightened up this dull old day!

Image from Craft Hatch
June 17, 2012 - 12:18 pm

Frankie and Ray - I can see why that’s right up your alley! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be learning to do next.

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