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OK team, get your diaries out, time to plan a visit to the magnificent Magnolia Square at Malvern Town Hall this week!

There hasn’t been a Magnolia Square since May and I’m seriously champing at the bit for more of their unique and special loveliness!

And believe it or not, I will have something new JUST FOR THIS EVENT!  True!  Well that’s the plan.  On paper.  With all the lovely markets and shows I’ve been doing lately you would have thought I’d be creatively spent.  I won’t reveal too much for now in case it doesn’t quite come together, I may not be creatively spent but I’m more than energy and time depleted!  All I need to do is focus on the To Do List … and walk away from the computer!  Funny how much more time in the day there is when that happens!

So keep your fingers crossed for me I’m able to make this happen! x


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