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Norma Desmond

Meet Norma!
No, Gloria Swanson, not that one, although your part in Sunset Boulevard was amazing and is one of my favourite movies of all time. And in honour of your character, Norma Desmond, I have named my new grown up camera after her. She’s fabulous, too, and always ready for a close up!
My constant companion, HRH, is keeping a close eye on Norma. I suspect it could be jealousy, Norma is taking a big chunk of my attention lately, or it could be she’s getting a bit tired of being followed and zoomed and snapped all the time. She’s a very patient model and looks just as Hollywood as Gloria in black and white!

I couldn’t resist adding this absolutely gorgeous photo is from Wikipedia and shows Gloria Swanson in a production still from a 1919 film – glorious Gloria, look at the beautiful fabric, that beadwork, that outfit!


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