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Numbers and New Stationery

Summer.  It’s nearly here.  And that means one thing for this Chick, play time.  Oh, and new stationery!

Summer.  The madness of pre-Christmas is over and I get to let my creative self out to play without the usual pressures of Making Things.  I’m an artist first and foremost.  These days it’s more in my heart and my memory, sadly.  Running a small business is all time consuming.  But then there’s summer.  And time to play.  And it’s nearly here.

Each summer I create summer project (you can revisit it here).  Last summer I had a blast collecting numbers that corresponded with the date and showcased them on my beloved Instagram.  The project was called #summerproject #numbers and was more about noticing the small things in my environment.  As with all arts-based projects there’s an essay of ‘compare and contrast’ I could share.  In a nutshell, it’s not the end result as much as the process of noticing (see, a little arty farty).

Summer is also the time for us stationery nerds to gather new and very important stationery items.  New pencils, crispy new journals and … calendars!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil and driving myself bonkers learning new tricks (Indesign, anyone?) and proudly working with local businesses to create something new.

I introduce the Crayon Chick Calendar 2013!

Yay!  I’m so excited and I can’t wait to share with you.  I have a too-exciting-for-words desk calendar, featuring photographs from my summer project, designed by me and printed here in fabulous Melbourne.  They will be launched at Finders Keepers in Melbourne next week and available online at The Crayon Chick Shop.


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