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Oh. My.


Oh my.  Ohmy ohmy ohmy ohmy.  I don’t have the words to cover how simply AMAZING this work is.  It’s nearly midnight, I’ve been at a market all night and should be in bed to be ready for the second day of the market tomorrow – but there are some things that just need to be shared IMMEDIATELY!

I gather sticks and stones and leaves and twigs and rocks and things.  I can’t help it.  Every walk results in more of the outside coming in.  With the intention that “one day” ……. (fill in the blank with an appropriate art project).
Well let me introduce you to the amazing work of Susanna Bauer.  A girl who gathers sticks and stones and actually does something about it!
I’m breathless with how gorgeous this is.  I found Susanna’s site via Poppytalk, one of my favourite blogs on my reader list. 
Do have a look.  It’s one of the most inspiring sites I’ve seen for a while.
In Tune
Long Box

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