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On the desk

Poor old Chez Crayon, Kids With Crayons has taken over completely with colourful papers, serious tools and gorgeous goodies for Mother’s Day orders. Sadly it means each night just gets later and later (4am, anyone?) to the point where this Crayon Chick was calling it a night (or a dawn?) as Crayon Dude was getting up to catch an early morning flight. Madness!

My diary is permanently open on the yearly planner (it’s all Big Picture around here) and I’m craving the time where I can just be ‘in the moment’ without thinking 5 steps ahead.

So my creative inspiration has been fed this week by the tools at hand and the stuff on my desk. Which includes a brand new red Keep Calm And Carry On mug sent by the best friend a girl could have (it arrived just at the right time, I was having a little Crayon melt down at the time!), and a fabulous retro spiral bound notebook I’ve had in my paper stash for years. Did you know I was a stenographer? And there it is, I’ve just carbon dated myself! Does it even exist any more? Either way I thank my early secretarial days for my obsession with list making and not being able to answer a phone without a pen in my hand for quick note taking!
Introducing Pitman 2000!

May 4, 2011 - 1:23 am

Juicy Roo - A stenographer?! My goodness is there anything you can’t do?! Your shorthand looks just like your crocheting: flawless! Hope you can see light at the end of your chaotic crafty tunnel 🙂

May 4, 2011 - 12:40 am

Frankie and Ray - I was just thinking of you this morning, and wishing I could send a few more hours your way! Your comment about pen in hand when picking up the phone brought a smile to my face. Snap! And I can tell you that all journalism cadets still go off to learn shorthand – your skill lives on.
Great to see you last week, Joxx

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