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On the desk


It’s my favourite desk. This one I’ve created for myself. Covered in little stacks of colour and craft.

I’ve had many desks in many roles that didn’t look anything like this. The corporate desk, the service desk, the secretarial desk, the behind-the-scenes-buried-in-paperwork desk. I’ve had rules about what to wear and how to answer the phone. Bland corporate stationery from the bland corporate stationery cupboards. I’ve had tea ladies rattle their tea carts and sticky finger buns past my desk (“Hello, Sunshine” – that was Magda, she used to call me Sunshine and gave me a finger bun on her way back out if there were any left). Yes, I started my desk jobs way back in the olden days of tea ladies, it was the same time I was typing with carbon paper and taking shorthand. Pitman 2000!

I did manage to personalise my desks at any opportunity, each one soon became recognisable as my station by the colourful mood boards that just seemed to happen of their own accord. Some things have never changed. I still cover the wall in front of my desk with colour and postcards and ticket stubs and labels and bits of string and pretty tape. You wouldn’t ever call my workspace ‘minimal’, ‘modern’, or ‘sleek’.

But ‘colourful’ it will always be.




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