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On The Desk

My days are filled with deadlines and targets and a desk full of work.  It changes from day to day.  Some days are neutral and organic, other days are vibrant and colourful.  I love the changes.  I love watching works in progress.  Which is a good thing because there’s not much room for any other activity these days!

I think my days are structured and I’m focussed but of course it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Creativity and rhythm can’t be scheduled and are often persuaded  and negotiated into my day.

I try to keep consistent hours and routines, I always dress for work as soon as I get up.  I dress as if I’ve got a place to go.  Besides, 80% of my wardrobe are ‘work’ clothes and if I don’t wear them now they’ll never get worn!  I can’t feel professional in slippers.  And I need lipstick.

I keep lists and methodically line up the work to be done.  I’ve always done this.  Even in the corporate office days my paperwork was always neatly lined up in sorted piles.  When my creativity wants to wander the neatly laid out stacks seems to keep me on track.

Do you have to trick yourself to getting work done?  Or is it just me …

February 5, 2013 - 8:29 am

that kate - That sounds like a great way to get work done – power dress! I might need to try that. Love those hearts – well it all looks amazing! I attempted to crochet a heart several times last night but could not get it right – will keep trying though!

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