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One day project: Blue skies and a Sunday Drive

It’s with one eye closely monitoring the BOM radar and, my favourite, Weatherzone that I rejoice in another day of blue skies in Melbourne because it’s not going to last long. There’s one thing this town does well, and that’s a fabulous blue sky. What it lacks is a bit of consistency with a change due late today and a dismal forecast for the weekend.

We did some Sunday driving across town last weekend and with all that blue sky it was a fabulous opportunity to take Norma Desmond out and show her the sights. I set a one-day project for her to capture the view from the passenger seat. Norma, my new Canon DSLR, is my current crush and I’m very happy with my little one-day project. She’s so good with close ups (isn’t she, Mr DeMille!).
It was fun and I fully recommend setting a project or a theme the next time you’re out and about. Naturally I’ve got a zillion ideas for my next outing and can’t wait.
October 29, 2010 - 1:20 am

Frankie and Ray - OMG! Another place for me to check the forecast! You’ve captured old Melbourne town on a sunny day beautifully.

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