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One shed to another

I went on a road trip this week to my hometown in the country.  I love a road trip.  And my home in the country is where my Dad’s shed is.  And I love my Dad’s shed!  The treasures!  Not a nut, screw, timber off cut, washer, key, mysterious metal thingamejig has left the shed in over 40 years.  Neatly sorted and stored in tins that once contained ice-cream and jam.  I see so much of my own work/studio habits in this shed.  I do like things neatly sorted and stored.

And I got to build something.  A display stand for my Crayon Chick earrings (if you missed their inaugural market debut at Finders Keepers you will find them, newly displayed, at Magnolia Square next week).  Being in the shed is like being on hallowed turf, we were never allowed to touch anything when we were kids.  This time I had free reign, even over the power tools!

In my Dad’s words “now we’re seeing things toe to toe” …. such a Dad thing!
Road trip
April 30, 2012 - 6:04 am

Juicy Roo - My Dad’s shed is exactly the same! I think handy men breed crafty chicks. Oh, and good plan to bring the crocheting along. Big state, NSW! xo

April 29, 2012 - 6:57 am

Mookah - I’ll have to show you a pic of my dad’s shed one day crayonster. You would absolutely die! Every tool, contraption, screw, nail, glue, paint etc you could ever want for……you’d just have no idea where to start looking for the particular thing you needed.

April 29, 2012 - 5:59 am

Frankie and Ray - Lovely. Special time with your Dad, in his shed no less! My Dad had a shadowboard for all his tools, I remember thinking that was just the best. Can’t wait to see the results of your collaboration! xx

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