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Online reading not really getting out of hand

Beautiful images from The Quinessential Magazine

I’ve embraced online reading with a passion.  And it’s giving me good cause to justify wanting an iPad! Of course I’ve got a list a mile long of favourite blogs.  And of course it’s going to be quite the palaver when Google reader goes nigh nighs in 3 weeks time!  I follow all my absolute favourites on Bloglovin’  (you can follow this blog on Bloglovin’ – I’ve popped the button over there on the right!)  It’s pretty cool, you get emails with thumbnail peeks and links to the posts blogged that day.

And you already know about my favourite app on my phone – Borrow Box where I can get all my audio books and e-books from the library straight onto my iPhone!

Now, I’m adding quite a few online magazines to my list.  And my most recent discovery is called The Quintessential Magazine.  I found it via Temple and Webster’s blog.  And it’s gorgeous!  It’s all rustic and old and vintage-y and timber-y and my kind of thing, really.

The only trick is keeping a track of time.  I need a stop watch with a very loud alarm to signal the end of ‘free reading time’.  Or better still, a timer and an ejector seat so at the end of my ‘free reading time’ the chair will literally catapult me back into doing what I should be doing.

Which is what I should be doing now – something else.

Back on the clock for this chick, there’s a hook calling my name – see you later!

 On the desk this morning …. and Instagrammed, of course!

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