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Mirka Mora at Heide

I do love a day trip. I also love Melbourne’s beloved Mirka Mora and what a great opportunity to combine the two in a visit to Heide Museum of Modern Art where there is an exhibition of her work. The grounds are fabulous and includes 3 galleries, and I was very excited to also find on show works by another favourite artist, Joy Hester. And that’s serendipity right there!

And in the Department of Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining … not only is my workroom totally overhauled of unnecessary stuff after a torturous week or more of a ‘tidy up’, but my desperate need for order has been indulged with a trip to flat-pack heaven. That’s right, we braved IKEA, during summer holidays, with half of Melbourne filing in and out the doors the escalator had even stopped working.
We even had a trip to the new DAISO – it’s like a japanese $2 shop and you want to talk about dinky containers to store bits and bobs then this is the place for you. And even a whole heap of neat stuff to put in your new dinky containers. I might even have a solution for my sticks which are still sitting around.
Everything is in it’s spot and I’m in a sorting bliss – even the birds were neatly lined up. Happy days.
January 9, 2011 - 12:40 am

Frankie and Ray - Can you come and sort out my room too? Please?
(so glad you kept your sticks) And a big mwah for you too! Jo x

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