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Packing and tagging and sorting and stacking and watching Le Tour

I’m in a last minute frenzy of preparations for a trip to sunny Brisbane (did you hear me Queensland, I said sunny – don’t disappoint!) for this weekend’s Finders Keepers.

I’ve been building stacks of stock.  I love seeing it all come together.  Not so much the time it takes to tag them all.  I always under-estimate how long that takes.  Always.
And true to form the whole house has been taken over with suitcases and boxes on all the benches, the table disappearing days ago, every surface over-run with bags and packages and pens and string and stickers and things jettisoned because I can’t make them fit in the suitcases!

All under the watchful eye of my fluffy constant companion from her new favourite spot – my carry-on bag.  She’s getting suspicious that something is up.  She doesn’t like me going away.  No chance of a stowaway my little friend, it’s usually a struggle to fit my toothbrush by the time I’m done.

It’s bitter/sweet timing the Tour de France has started.  I love watching the french countryside as the peloton tootles through lavender fields and gorgeous little villages, but it does tend to mean late nights.  Which is great for added productivity, but hopeless for getting anything done the next day.  I’m so tired.  Already.

And it’s only stage 5!  I must be getting older.

So I’d better get back to it, these last minute things aren’t going to finish themselves.
Another cup of tea in my Les Vaches du Tour mug and I’ll be right for the next round.
See you in Brisbane!


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