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Paper Love

Little bits of paper sweetness have been popping onto my radar lately, and some I just can’t ignore, like these amazing cards. I can’t begin to tell you how much I want one of these! This fabulous bit of card love was found at Postcarden.

Then there’s this little gorgeous fellow at Upon a Fold, isn’t he cute! And this site has some fabulous stuff (I especially love the pop up ferris wheel card … sigh). You know what I’d truly go mad for? A pop up carousel. Wouldn’t that be fabulous!
Lisa has put the most gorgeous tutorial for making these amazing paper wreaths on her Red Thread blog. Have you seen these papers before? They are easy as pie to find in Chinatown, I’ve got a few sheets, not enough to make this wreath though, sadly, but then I don’t have enough time at the moment to play either, so I guess that’s one way of removing temptation/procrastination from my reach!
Finally, because I’ve been enjoying the warble of some local magpies most mornings, how is this amazing sculpture – a paper sculpture found at Scissors + Paper Rock! Amazing. My dearest friend, Sue, feeds her local magpies, and each season the adults bring their fledglings to her balcony to introduce them to her. Isn’t that a magic relationship. Just magic.
Now, back to work!
December 9, 2010 - 9:22 am

Frockfarie - Thanks for sharing, fantastic stuff!

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