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Paris Versus New York

I’ve just had a bit of fun playing comparisons thanks to Nic at Magnolia Square Snippets, pity there wasn’t anyone here to join in my witty repartee, not even the  cat is in this afternoon!  Such a shame because I was on a role.

Nic found this heavenly book this morning, Paris versus New York, and has one for grabs at her Snippets blog.  I’m a bit torn about suggesting you play along because I really want this book!

Audrey AND Mad Men.  My 2 all time favourite idol obsessions.

Unable to make it to New York a few years ago on a fleeting visit to the US, we compromised by staying at the New York New York casino in Las Vegas – win win!  And Paris …. it goes without saying that Paris and I belong to each other (je t’aime, Paris).

My suggested comparison was Woody Allen vs Jacques Tati.  I can see the posters now – Woody Allen’s iconic black framed glasses and quirkily confused eye brows and Jacques Tati’s iconic short legged pants with stripy socks.

Don’t you think I should win?

Gorgeous book image and review found at NYMag
The fabulous Mon Oncle poster found here
Fabulous poster found at This Isn’t Happiness
Gratuitous Don Draper photo found here
July 1, 2013 - 12:50 pm

julie andrew - It is interesting to go through the content presented in this site and the articles quality is very good. I appreciate your work because I liked it. Thanks a lot.

May 11, 2012 - 7:00 am

Frankie and Ray - I just knew you’d be good at that! You’re destined to win! xx

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