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Park life


Usually it's the threat of bushfire, avoiding sunburn, avoiding the scorching sun, and the worry of snakes that marks a week in a caravan park in the middle of the bush in country NSW with Mum and Dad in their van.

But this year my visit was made eventful by a massive and slow moving rain cell that hovered over the State like, well, a wet weekend. It poured and poured, making the ground underfoot as water logged as a sponge and the wildlife all soaked and droopy.




But you know, I’ve been spending summers here since I was a little girl and no matter the weather it always feels like home.

When we were younger it was all about swimming, skiing and loading the boat with picnics to spend entire days going up the river and exploring the river banks and country side. And finding blackberries, and a river bank that wasn’t too stony but we would still need to swim in our thongs (that would be flip flops for the non-Australians reading this!) to save our feet. We wore thongs from the minute we woke to minute we went to bed. Even in the shower. I still do. Public showers, ewwww!

If the bank had a tree for shade it would be a bonus.

We’d pick up sticks and stones, and a few bones. We’d create mud pools and roll around until we were little mud children before running back into the dam to rinse it all off. Mum would hand out the sandwiches and Dad would ask whose turn it was for the next ski. The heat of the day was spent bobbing in the water on anything that would float.


Now I'm *cough cough* older, I'm less about the water sports and more about the sense of peace and rest and time out.

There is no internet. I know! The very thought!

But that just makes it even more restful. We sit on deck chairs under the leafy trees at the front of the caravan and drink cups of tea and watch the kangaroos and parrots wander by and we talk. Imagine that … we talk. We take lazy walks. We watch more kangaroos. And we spend a lot of time being still. It's very very nice. And I usually drive the 7 hours there on my own to spend the week with parents. Listening to talking books the whole way. Bliss!

There is something so special about knowing how to just be still. These guys below have got it down pat!






It did clear up on the last day. Not before I'd spent the week sharing my making process with Mum and Dad. And that was pretty good, too. I made a surprising amount of work (must have something to do with there being no internet distractions … Instagram, I'm looking at you!).

And now I'm ready for a full and new year.













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