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Parting is sweet sorrow




So long summer.
You were here so briefly it seemed. You took your sweet time getting here and when you did you flared so ferociously you had us hunkered down in fan-filled homes with blinds pulled wondering how much hotter it could get.
You scorched my garden and my water tank ran dry. But you gave me some delicious washing days where the entire laundry load was dry in half an hour and the smell of summer in my drying clothes was heady.
It won’t be long now before the sun is too north to reach my south-east courtyard and the pools of early morning sunshine on the big table are gone.
I am such a summer girl and this time of the year always makes me sad. Which is ironic as autumn is my hands down favourite season. All that colour and those fallen leaves crunchy underfoot and there’s always a chance to stay in t-shirts just a little longer (with a cardigan nearby, natch).
And I love noticing seasons. I think if I lived in the tropics I would miss seasons the most.
So on this last day of an Australian summer I hope it’s gentle and kind and your weekend is a sunny one! x



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