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It’s with my fingers crossed and waiting on an exhale that I write my first post from my new site!  I’m quietly confident I know what I’m doing but until I hit the Publish button you never know.

I’ve moved! I’m now a WordPress chick!  Hello, nice to meet you if we’ve just met.  And hello again, if you’ve stuck with me as we crossed over from Blogger.

My new site is – you can pop this in your bookmark, if you like, or follow the new address on Bloglovin’.  I’d love to keep sharing with you.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished this amazing novel (The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood) and I’m quite sad it’s finished, I wanted to stretch it out a bit, linger a bit on the final chapter.  It’s a library book, and due back on Monday so that’s not really an option but I keep re-reading my favourite passages.  I’m very reluctant to put it down.  Do you do that?  I hate finishing a book.  The action of shutting the book without needing a bookmark is so final.  And I miss the characters.  In this book, Roz is having a bad day ….

” …. the inside of her head’s like a car wash, all those brushes whirring round, suds flying, vision obscured.”

Isn’t it a great turn of phrase?!  How often do you feel like that?  Me, a little too often!  Particularly the last few days trying to figure this new site out.

And on that, I’d like to send a great big thank you to Prue from Gigi and Lulu for (pretending?) to be so entertained and humoured by my tedious vacillating!  You’re the best x


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