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Playing with some loose ends

Surely sewing in the ends has got to be the absolute worst part of a little crochet session. Surely. And it seems the more I create in a session the more generous in length my ends are.

Admittedly, I may have been a bit distracted lately and not paid much attention to how much I’ve left on the ends. Might have something to do with my current TV crushes that have me scrambling for work I can do on the couch (hello Gourmet Farmer! hello Dr Who! hello Bear Grylls!). A little nerdy, I know, but I’m a bit keen on these guys for their sensitivity, humour, manliness and their ability to fix things. One of them even makes his own scones, served with his own handmade jam and a pot of tea. Love it!

So in an effort to extend my couch time (hello hunky frenchman on Brothers and Sisters!) I’ve started playing with the pile of cut off ends. Amazing how productive a bit of procrastination can sometimes be.
I’ve played around with needle felting, making pom poms (much to the cat’s delight) and 3D embroidery. I’ve now moved onto mini crochets.

Other things that can be done in front of the telly: make jam, put the kettle on and cook a batch of bikkies.
Who said too much TV watching is bad for creativity!
February 23, 2010 - 8:14 pm

one little acorn - I love those little crochet circles! You have been very busy.

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