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Polaroid moments

I can’t resist the light of these fabulous autumn days. And I’ve been enamoured of sun flares, faded colours, blurs and odd crops in photos forever, despite them being considered a ‘flaw’ in proper photographer circles. I thinks it’s the ‘feeling’ of images I respond to the most. I’ve always preferred the imperfect. Happy accidents. Unpredictable results. I was filling in a bit of time between my Saturday night dinner and the start of some Saturday night telly (phew, I sure am living the glamorous life!) with some blog trawling when I found this gorgeous image at SF Girl By Bay. It’s an image by onebluewren and it’s just too beautiful, I can feel the light on my face just looking at this picture.

Some beautiful polaroids by onebluewren, I think it’s safe to say I’m a new fan (pardon the pun) especially of a shot celebrating my favourite elevenses!
More polaroid love on Etsy, this one by TheLightFantastic.
A beautiful polaroid of a … polaroid! Love it. By Zuppa Artista at Etsy.

These 2 images are part of a series gloriously named Have Camera Will Travel by the equally glorious Susannah Tucker. I’m such a fan of her and her work.
And how’s this for the perfect name, this beautiful print is called Instant Dreams, which is just perfect. Ah, a polaroid is magic. And I’ve got LolasRoom to thank for this beauty. On Etsy, of course!
Did you know I’m a bit of a francophile? Oui, madame, je suis une francophile! This print is called American In Paris, yes it is, and it’s by Kristybee.
I Heart Photography, by thePhotoZoo. Heart.
I think these fabulous button badges say it all, by Lolabot.

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